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We’re Committed

To be honorary ambassadors of Meadowbrook High School Jamaica and thereby, fostering the social, physical, spiritual and mental development of the students, enabling them to let their lights so shine.

Staff Recognition

We embrace the value of our teachers and other members of staff. The remarkable contributions and sacrifices they make on behalf of the students give them a chance to realize their true potentials. Our Staff Recognition program awards teachers and other staff for their exemplary work.


Lunch Program

Any student who is in need of assistance can access a lunch voucher each school day. Our lunch program plays an integral role in ensuring that our students can focus on their lessons and not hunger.

This important program fosters better health and wellness and boosts educational output.

Emerging Global Leaders Jamaica (EGLJ)

We sponsor some of our most promising future leaders to participate in the EGLJ program that is designed to develop leadership and networking skills. “The Emerging Global Leaders Jamaica is a Youth Leadership organization that is aimed at identifying and training persons who have the potential of becoming instigators of change through leadership, to become Global Leaders”


Volunteering in the community is a social responsibility that we embrace as a group. As such, our team participates in the annual Care and Share Program hosted by the Alliance of Jamaican Alumni Associations (Toronto Inc.) among other programs that positively impact our community.

Scholarship Funding

We provide scholarships and bursaries to assist students in order to help them to overcome educational expenses.

We maintain a minimum of twelve (12) student scholarships every year. In addition to these multi-year scholarships, we pay the exam fees for up to five (5) subjects per student at grade eleven (11).

School's Online Presence

Our association is the sole sponsor of the school’s website. The school’s online presence allows for student interaction, online applications, improve communication with external stakeholders, and share public awareness of activities.


Your donations make a significant difference in the lives of our students at Meadowbrook High School.  Some other noteworthy projects that your donations have helped to fund included:

  • School bus purchase (in collaboration with NY and JA)
  • Desk & chairs for classrooms
  • Banquet style chairs for the auditorium
  • Laptop, desktop & tablets
  • Science lab equipment

Yearly Gala

Our annual Autumn Gala is our primary fundraising event. This event brings together individuals with a common goal to celebrate in an evening of dinner, entertainment and dancing. Funds raised from this event are used to manage our various programs and initiatives.

Keeping their Light Bright

Through continued service and donations, we help to ignite and keep their light shining, as they progress throughout their school life at Meadowbrook High School.

Proud Volunteers

If you want to achieve greater do it together

“The present could be seen as the intersection of the past and the future.” Knowledge of the past can empower and enable the present to influence the future. While I am at this intersection, armed with the recognition of the past, I choose to help to guide the future by investing in the youth who will manage our tomorrow.

“It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice!”

– John Templeton

Collaboration is an opportunity for all to work together for the betterment and sustainability of any program. I believe in teamwork and its power to achieve greatness.

Marha-Jo Lewis, Vice President

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