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The Meadowbrook High School Alumni Association, NY Chapter has been a vital part of the school since 1995, for the benefit of all past and future Meadowbrook graduates and their families. It is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to encourage and cultivate quality education, social activity, and good fellowship among the graduates of Meadowbrook High School, and to assist and promote the interests of the school.

The Association’s support comes solely through membership dues and donations, to aid, assist and further the interests of the school by taking an active interest in its educational and financial affairs, and in so doing preserve the integrity and viability of Meadowbrook High School as an institution of learning for future generations.


The Alumni Association is a diverse group comprising  of Meadowbrook High School past students , and  graduates from different  schools from diverse communities. Our goal is to provide lifelong learning and a variety of social activities for these alumni. Governed by an elected volunteer alumni executive board, the association is a growing organization of active men and women who continue to value the multifaceted experience of a Meadowbrook High School education.

Quarterly Meetings

are held to discuss and plan our annual events for the current and upcoming year. The group is broken into various committees which allows us to plan effective and successful events that will benefit our Alma mater.

We invite newcomers to join our meetings whether you were a past student of  Meadowbrook High School Jamaica or wish to become a honarary member.

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Kerry-Ann Franklin (Class of 1987)

Kerry-Ann Franklin (Class of 1987)


Attended Meadowbrook high school between the years of September 1982-December 1984 before migrating to the United States. She never forgot the friendships that was fostered and the lessons taught to her at Meadowbrook that would give her a solid foundation to brave a foreign land. She joined the MHS Alumni Association in 1995. After joining she served as the Vice President for eight years. Kerry-Ann is now serving her second term as the President of the Association. She is committed to giving back to the institution that has molded her into the woman she is today. Kerry-Ann Franklin is a wife and a proud mother. She is the President and CEO of Elegana, an event planning company, and a Licensed Life and Health Insurance Provider.
“Service to others is the rent we pay for your room here on Earth” Muhammed Ali



Vice President

Orville, affectionately known as Villa D, is an employee of the New York City Transit Authority. Orville is currently Vice President of the Meadowbrook High School Alumni Association NY Chapter.  He’s also a long standing supporter of Children of Jamaica Outreach (COJO) for more than two decades. He is firm believer in the mission of both organization, Meadowbrook & COJO- to assist underserved children not just in Jamaica but the United States.  He is a proud member of Team JA which participates in the Annual Breast Cancer Walk and Channer Bird which participates in the Annual Sickle Cell Walk. 




Serving since 2014, a former Vice President of Meadowbrook High School Alumni Association NY Chapter. Sharon is an active member of the Finance, Gala (Journal), Family Picnic & Sports Day committees. An avid advocate for service and a compassionate volunteer representing the needs of others who are less fortunate, Sharon volunteers for many charities and organizations. She participates in various Union of Jamaica Alumni Associations (UJAA) committees, a board member of Jamaica American Maverley Inc. and a member of the Organization for International Development (OID) where she is a member of the finance and fundraising committees.



Assistant Treasurer

Maureen has been serving since 2009, serving over her tenure in the capacity of Trustee.  She is an active volunteer in the several organizations including; Habitat for Humanity, Marcum Workplace challenge 5K Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness, Henry Schein “Back to School” Program and she also volunteers to distribute food and materials to students in various schools, and is the proud mother of two wonderful children.



Recording Secretary

Nadine joined the organization over 20 years ago and has served in various  capacities such as Assistant Treasurer, and Treasurer. Nadine serves on several committees within the organization and is an active volunteer in her church. A silent ambassador, and diligent supporter of the NY Chapter, she is one of our liaison to Unions of Jamaica Alumni Associations(UJAA). She is also a proud mother of a beautiful daughter.

“Friends are quiet angels, who lift us up to our feet when our wings have forgotten how to fly.”



Corresponding Secretary

Having served as a Bergenfield Reserve Police Officer in 1989. Ozzie B or “Captain Sky Juice” as he is affectionately called, is a Co-Founder of Meadowbrook High School Alumni Association NY Chapter and served in the capacities of Treasurer 1995- 2009 and Assistant Treasurer 2009- 2010. He is a very dedicated family man, and the father of three beautiful children. Oswald is dedicated in his service as a volunteer to contribute to the continued growth and development of the Meadowbrook High School Alumni NY Chapter.

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